Hello, we want to welcome you to London Tutor Company. This page will supply you with information about the functional skills Maths level 2 and functional skills English level 2 qualifications.

The Levels

The functional skills qualification is a GCSE equivalent but only when you achieve the level 2. There are 5 levels and they are entry level 1, entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. Universities and the majority of employers accept the level 2.

Exam Boards

City and Guilds is one of the largest exam boards as well as Edexcel. The City and Guilds functional skills level 2 qualifications has thousands of learners sitting the exam each year and is the most popular. Although there are a lot of awarding bodies and exam boards that provide you access to a functional skills qualification, the curriculum is set by the government so the topics are the same. But there are some differences that you need to consider when looking at all of the functional skills courses.

We have collected the most asked questions and we have provided answers for you about the functional skills qualifications. Here at London Tutor Company, we hope that these answers will help you.


What is a functional skills qualification level 2?
Well a functional skills qualification helps learners to improve their English and maths skills for employment or higher education.

What is the biggest differences between functional skills and GCSE?
A difference that impacts learners the the amount of content the GCSE exams have compared to the the functional skills exams. As well the questions are different, the functional skills use everyday problems compared to the GCSE questions.

Is GCSEs easier than functional skills?
Everyone has a different opinion on which is easier. The functional skill exam is less contextualised therefore some people prefer this over the GCSE exam.

How long will it take to complete the qualification?
Everyone’s timeline for completing the functional skills qualification is different. We will look out all of the factors that affect you such as knowledge and time to provide you with a programme.

Will this qualification help get me a job?
The level 2 functional skills is the best out of all the levels and this will help you when applying for jobs to enhance your employability.

What mark do I need to achieve for the level 2 functional skills qualification?
The mark isn’t the same, it changes but it is roughly around 50-60% to pass the functional skills exam.

Can I get a free functional skills exam?
This depends if you fit the criteria that the government has set, if you are older than 19 then you don’t get funding for the functional skills courses but you can see if you get funding through the apprenticeships programmes. If you do meet the government’s criteria, then you will get funding. The online English functional skills exams is one of the exams that MME offers and they are also the cheapest provider.

Do they also offer an online functional skills maths level 2 exam?
MME offers the online functional skills maths level 2 exams, yes you can take this exam.

Additional Support

If you ahve any questions about Functional Skills exams that were not answered here, or if you have anything you would like to discuss with other like-minded individuals, feel free to have a look at the Functional Skills Support Group on Facebook. Here, both learners and tutors collaborate and help each other get prepared for their Functional Skills exams.

If you are looking for a different provider to sit with, we can also recommend Pass Functional Skills.