GCSE Maths Equivalency exams are becoming increasingly popular among those who are looking to enrol on any higher education training programmes. There are always minimum GCSE Maths requirements, but after learning that some people may not have these because they took other qualifications that aren’t equivalent or just didn’t get the grades the first time round. This could be for courses like QTS teacher training, nursing or midwifery. 

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On their website, it all starts with booking your exam date. They have an easy to use booking system where you can choose your desired date or you can base it on costs as there are days with cheaper price tags. When booking your GCSE Maths equivalency exam through A Star, you will also receive the option to purchase either just the exam or the exam and the whole course including revision guide, flashcards, mock papers & mark schemes (everything you could need to prepare yourself!) for an extra £99.