GCSE Maths Tuition in London

Because the new GCSE Syllabus has been adapted, more students than ever require help with their GCSE Maths course in order to help them succeed and attain a level they are happy with. The new grading system means that students are now awarded a level between 1 and 9, with the level 9 now above the current A*. At London Tutor Company, our GCSE Maths tutors are well aware of all the changes made to the GCSE Maths curriculum and are comfortable in delivering these to a very high standard. Therefore if you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in London or any of the surrounding areas, make sure you contact London Tutor Company!

A Level Maths tuition in London

A level Maths has become the most popular A level subject with over 10% of A level students selecting it each year. This is because universities are putting more focus on academic A level subjects as competition for places in the top universities is rife.

Our A level Maths tutors in London are focused on helping each and every student achieve the grade their ability and hard work deserves. Whether that is a C or an A*, it doesn’t matter as our A level Maths tutors are committed to each and every pupil achieving their potential. Contact Leeds Tutor Company today to enquire about the A level Maths tuition we provide in the Leeds area.

KS2 Maths and English tuition in London

This is arguably the most important time for a student’s development as Key Stage Two is where you learn to read more advanced texts, develop a writing style and learn the fundamentals of Maths. These key skills underpin every other academic subject and are therefore so crucial in helping an individual to develop and succeed academically. At London Tutor Company our KS2 Maths and English tutors appreciate the significance of helping to develop a pupils writing style and correct mathematical methods whilst trying to make the content and material engaging so that our students become as passionate as our tutors.

Contact London Tutor Company to discuss our Key Stage Two Maths and English tuition in London.

KS3 Maths, English and Science tuition in London

The KS3 Maths, Science and English curriculum contains a lot of variation that requires a good level of fundamental knowledge that should have been embedded at KS2. It isn’t unusual to have students at KS3 and GCSE that are struggling in some of the  key areas such as long multiplication, basic grammar and punctuation and as a result we often see basic errors being made at KS3 that slow the progress of the students down. A common example of this is algebra which ,any students dislike at KS3 and GCSE but if this basic skill isn’t learnt well at a younger age then students usually go on to find GCSE Maths really difficult as a large proportion of the GCSE Maths syllabus is reliant on this knowledge. Therefore our London based KS3 tutors ensure that the basics of the subject, whether that be English, Maths or Science, are clearly understood and embedded before moving on to more advanced topics.

For higher ability students this initial stage of the tuition will be extremely quick and effectively a brief revision session to ensure they are confident in all the key areas. Unfortunately, in school,  students don’t get the opportunity to revisit these topics and are often to embarrassed or scared to ask for the teacher to help. Private tuition is a student’s chance to ask anything and cover everything to ensure they have the confidence and belief to succeed.

If you are looking for a Maths, English or Science tutor in London, contact London Tutor Company today.