15 Oct

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Past Paper

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At London Tutor Company, we help our students develop their maths skills in preparation for their functional skills maths exam. A key component to a productive revision plan is past paper practise. This article will help you use past papers effectively and how to use them as part of your revision plan.   Functional skills [...]

5 Oct

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online

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Here at London Tutor Company, we look to help all learners, young and old, with all things functional skills related. We also have a team of specialist tutors to help support our students through this vital qualification.     Functional skills maths level 2 is a GCSE equivalent qualification needed for those who haven’t already got [...]

20 Sep

GCSE Equivalents

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At London Tutors, we provide expert tuition in a wide range of subjects for those looking to pass their exams. Those who wish to seek entry into further education courses or those wishing to increase their chances of employment look to take GCSE equivalent exams in order to gain qualifications, however, it is important to [...]

27 Aug

Pass Functional Skills

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Here at London Tutor Company, we work closely with Pass Functional Skills to help our learners earn their functional skills qualifications. This service allows you to prepare for these exams and receive any assistance needed to book an Ofqual-regulated exam.    Functional skills qualifications are vital for those without a level 4 or grade C [...]

20 Aug

Online Functional Skills Maths

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Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction Online functional skills maths revision is gaining popularity all the time because of its flexibility and convenient format, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered everyone's lives and behavior that was already shifting towards online learning so the pandemic has only helped speed up the shift to online exams. Now from the [...]

18 Aug

Equivalency Testing Price

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At London Tutor Company we work with prospective trainee teachers to help them get onto an initial teacher training course. As part of the requirements of becoming a teacher you have to have a GCSE in maths and English to a grade C or level 4. For international students and those who do not have [...]

4 Aug

GCSE English Equivalency test past papers

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At London Tutor Company we help people prepare for their English equivalency test. We help in many different ways from providing expert English tutors to recommending the very best resources.    In order to prepare for any exam, getting access to the best resources is essential and the equivalency tests are no different. The most [...]

30 Jul

Free Functional Skills Courses

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Free Functional Skills Courses   London Tutor Company helps prepare learners for exams by offering free Maths and English Level 2 courses, Functional Skills is a  GCSE equivalent qualification that will help you succeed in your ambitions, such as further education and work. The article located below explains how you can get free Functional skills [...]

4 May

Equivalency Testing

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At the London Tutor Company, we are working closely with A Star Equivalency to bring you a wide range of GCSE Equivalency tests including Maths, English, Science and Biology, all of  which can help learners meet the entry requirements for teacher training courses and nursing programmers. If you have not studied these courses for a [...]

21 Apr

GCSE Maths Books

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The London Tutor Company looks to help each and every learner we have with their studies including all the materials needed. For us, our most popular subject taught is GCSE Maths, whether it is foundation or higher level. Upon discovering this, we have curated a wide range of resources alongside our partner MME, Maths Made [...]