Here at London Tutor Company, we work closely with Pass Functional Skills to help our learners earn their functional skills qualifications. This service allows you to prepare for these exams and receive any assistance needed to book an Ofqual-regulated exam. 


Functional skills qualifications are vital for those without a level 4 or grade C in maths and English. These qualifications are important in order to find work in the UK as it shows a basic understanding of maths and English which all recruiters will look for. Earning a level 2 or higher qualification is extremely beneficial as this is a mandatory requirement to get onto a higher educational course. 


Functional Skills Level 2 Qualifications 


Level 2 qualifications are recognised by businesses, course providers and universities as they are comparable to a level for qualification. Due to the pandemic,Ofqual has created online functional skills exams which are very similar in value to the physical exams that were offered.These exams are available to take from the comfort of your home as long as you have a computer and a webcam.The links to the essential revisions notes and booking pages can be found below.


The level 2 maths and English qualifications that we recommend are always controlled by Ofqual. If you need any support with your level 2 exam, London Tutor Company can give you personal tutoring that will boost your learning and increase the chance of you passing the exams for the first time. 


Functional Skills Level 1

Pass Functional Skills dedicated to ensuring their learners get their level 1 maths and English qualifications.The website below has all the revision materials that are needed.



When it comes to level 1 and 2 related exams, Pass Functional skills should be your first thought.