At the London Tutor Company, we are working closely with A Star Equivalency to bring you a wide range of GCSE Equivalency tests including Maths, English, Science and Biology, all of  which can help learners meet the entry requirements for teacher training courses and nursing programmers.

If you have not studied these courses for a number of years they can be quite challenging to pass, however at London Tutor Company, we have a selection of specialised and fully qualified tutors who can help you along the way offering one on one tuition as well as support with revision tips and how to prepare for exam day. We are now providing our equivalency testing and studying online so you can take the exam in the comfort of your own home following exam protocols.

As well as getting help from our tutors with the course they can also offer support and help with revision tips, timetabling and the best ways to help you prepare for the day of your exam. We also provide a wide variety of resources to help you with your revision. Depending on the course you choose you can get mock papers and their mark schemes, revision cards and booklets as well as specialised tutoring.

If you think the GCSE Equivalency course is right for you, please contact us at London Tutor Company and we will be happy to help.