The London Tutor Company looks to help each and every learner we have with their studies including all the materials needed.

For us, our most popular subject taught is GCSE Maths, whether it is foundation or higher level. Upon discovering this, we have curated a wide range of resources alongside our partner MME, Maths Made Easy.

Different students respond to different methods of revision and learning for their GCSE Maths revision. However, we have learnt that the most favoured method is a GCSE Maths Revision Guide. This is because they tend to cover the whole curriculum and offer detailed explanations.

The Maths Made Easy Revision guide, is our number 1 recommendation if you are in need of an extra study resource. The revision guide covers all topics for all major exam boards. This includes: AQA, Edexcel, WJEC and OCR. The topics include the general number practice to Geometry, Stats & Probability and more.

The revision guide has been created by feedback from our former students who have tested and tried the GCSE Maths Revision Guide, alongside input from tutors, teachers and also GCSE examiners.

This has meant that they have been able to set the revision guide up in the most logical and helpful way possible. The set up of the guide, designates a chapter for each topic which starts with the introduction and explanation of the topic. Followed by example questions which show a methodical solution to how the answer was reached and then ends with practice questions for you to test your learning. The guide has also been laid out in such a way that each understanding of the previous topic, flows into the learning of the next so your learning will always be applied continuously throughout the guide.

Once the students have gained a clearer understanding of the topics, they can start to progress their learning and revision and make things like revision cards or create their own condensed version of notes. As well as revision guides, MME are also offering exam practice papers and revision cards if you felt as if you needed more materials.

Here at London Tutors, our goal is to help you progress as much as we can possibly help. So, we are happy to also be able to offer any extra tuition and revision help e.g creating a revision plan, whatever is needed for your success!