MME provides GCSE equivalency tests in science, maths and English. They can provide resources in all three subjects to help prepare you for the exams. We work with them since they have a great team that works to help you. We have a service where we provide one to one sessions for learners that are preparing for GCSE maths equivalency tests.

The curriculum can change every year since the UK government looks over it and sets what the curriculum is. They provide a specification which the equivalency test should reflect. Majority of the exam takers for the maths equivalency test are trainee nurses or teachers since they need this qualification before they can access their course. One of the strengths for taking the equivalency test over the standard GCSE test is time, you aren’t restricted to when you can sit the exam.

Exam Booking

When booking your exam, you can use the online booking system where you book it yourself or you can call MME who will book your maths GCSE equivalency test who is the leading provider.

Maths Equivalency Test Practice Papers 

The mock papers and mark scheme in our opinion is the best resource to help prepare you for the exam since the maths equivalency test practice papers have exam style questions and the mark scheme will help you understand what topics you are strong at and what topics need more revision in. The mock papers and mark scheme will be sent and Royal Mail will deliver them to you. Once you receive your parcel, you should sit the mock paper and then check the mark scheme to see what topic area/s need more concentration on.