GCSE exams or GCSE equivalent qualifications in maths and English are required for higher education or employment. Since these qualifications are crucial, they have become popular throughout the years. The two GCSE equivalent qualifications that are different but very well known are GCSE equivalency tests and functional skills. If teacher training courses are something you are thinking about applying to but you need a GCSE equivalent qualification then GCSE equivalency tests are the most suited to you since they cover maths, English and science. If you are looking at other courses, then functional skills is the qualification that is suited for you since you can take it when you are ready and you can sit the exam at home or at your local testing centre. The government has a criteria and if you meet it such as being 19 years or younger, then you take the functional skills course in college and you won’t have to pay for it since the government funds it. However, if you don’t fit the government’s criteria, you sign up as an independent learner to take the course and you won’t get help with funding from the government.

There are more than just these two GCSE equivalent qualifications for example NVQs and BTECs are two other qualifications but they aren’t as popular. You could also take the full GCSE exams instead since they are the gold standard but they aren’t as flexible due to only two exam sittings per year, therefore functional skills is the most practical exam. MME is an establishment that can book your exam at the nearby testing centre or the online functional skills exam. They also have materials for the GCSE equivalent exams that could help you.